Introducing Relay

Get instant access to your connected home on a touchscreen that’s tailored to you. It’s bold, it’s brainy, it’s beautiful. It’s an entire smart home on your wall.

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Ships Thanksgiving 2014


Command Center

This wall-mountable controller runs the Wink app, giving you instant access to your smart products. Manage lights, locks, thermostats, and more—all from a central location in your home.

Multi-Touch Screen

Relay’s stunning 4.3" display gives you access to the Wink app on a custom home screen. It also sleeps to save energy and to keep a low profile when not in use.


A proximity sensor reacts to your presence while a temperature and humidity sensor keeps tabs on your environment.

Smart Switches

Two mechanical buttons can act as replacement light switches or be customized to turn other smart products in your home on or off with a single click.

Mic & Speaker

Relay keeps you aware of what’s going on by playing convenient notification sounds. You can even sync up multiple units to take advantage of its intercom functionality (coming soon).

Wall Upgrade

Relay mounts in multiple positions and replaces most light switches in single or double gang boxes.


All your favorite brands, one simple app.

Relay runs the Wink app so you can connect to and interact with smart products in the Wink app universe.



Lights, window treatments, thermostats… Now you, your family, and guests can access your entire smart home all in one place. Put Relay in the room you use most, sync up multiple units, or use the mobile app when you’re away.

Kwikset Locks

SmartCode app-enabled keyless entry locks

Kwikset Locks

Safety & Security

Monitor and control locks, security cameras, or sensors to keep tabs on every room in the house. Knowing what’s going on at home at a glance means peace of mind for you and your family.


Wi-Fi video camera with live streaming, recording, and alerts

Drop Cam

Quirky+GE Spotter

Motion, sound, light, temperature, and humidity sensor

Quirky + GE Spotter

Home Automation

The Wink app on Relay can shut things down when you leave, set the stage for your return, and adjust your smart home’s settings based on the time of day.


Learning thermostat that can be adjusted from anywhere


Quirky+GE Aros

The world’s smartest air conditioner

Quirky + GE Aros

Remote Control

Instantly operate smart products or groups of them at once. Did you leave all of the upstairs lights on? One touch turns them off. Is it a lovely day out? Open every window shade on demand.

Philips Hue

Creative lighting controlled from your smartphone or tablet

Philips Hue


Wireless dimmers and battery-powered shades

Lutron Shades

Bragging Rights

It looks really freaking cool on your wall—enough said.


The Brains

  • Relay gives you access to all of your Wink certified products
  • Central processor runs a custom version of the Wink app
  • Customizable home screen: products, time, weather, alerts, and more
  • Temperature, humidity, sound, motion, and proximity sensors put even more data at your fingertips
The Box

The Box

The Box * Wire stripper is provided in case your wires need to be trimmed or stripped for proper installation.
The Box ** A push-in wire connector works as a ‘finger trap’ for wires; simply push wires into an available pole to lock.

The Particulars

  • 2x smart light switches
  • Temperature, humidity, sound, and proximity sensors
  • 4.3" LCD multi-touch screen
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee compatible
  • Microphone and speaker for notification sounds and intercom functionality (coming soon)
  • Replaces single or double gang boxes not wired to an AC outlet
  • Faceplate material: plastic
  • Faceplate dimensions: 6.56" L × 1.25" W × 5.88" H (16.66cm × 3.18cm × 14.94cm)
  • Wi-Fi network and neutral wire in gang box required
  • Professional installation recommended